Rootlent: Supporting Aspiring Athletes & The Athlete In All Of Us

It’s a rare thing to find a brand that not only appeals to the people it serves but also helps support members of that community. That’s why Rootlent is so unique.

More than just an athletic apparel brand – Rootlent features aspiring athletes and donates 10% of its proceeds to them. The different levels that the brand supports the athletic community are endlessly inspiring. From a 24-year-old pole vaulter to a skiff sailing team – all with eyes on realizing their true potential and competing in the Olympics, Rootlent and founder Leo Mesquita’s mission to support, engage with, and motivate the athletic community are simply inspiring.

Rootlent provides breathable, well designed apparel that can enable anyone – regardless of fitness level – to aspire to be their best selves along with the knowledge that each purchase is supporting incredibly talented and motivated athletes to reach their full potential. The brand is all about “connecting with your roots and your talent” but also allows those roots and that talent to grow for individuals and the community at large. Each product supports not only the featured athlete chosen by the brand – but also the aspiring athlete in every person who pulls on a piece of Rootlent gear and joins in this community to be their best self.

When people talk about what it takes to achieve goals, they often focus on determination, confidence, and training. Another huge component of success is community. No one knows this better than, perhaps, the aspiring athlete – who even on their most grueling day of training is supported by their team, family, and friends. Rootlent doesn’t stop at just supporting the athletes it sponsors – it also wants to make everyone a part of this fantastic community by creating “Motivational Space” on the Rootlent blog and inviting everyone to join in and share advice on how to establish and meet goals. Whether it’s getting to your ideal running time or making it to the Olympics, Rootlent and Leo are building the community to support all your goals.

Each t-shirt and tank top purchased from Rootlent expands, supports, and embraces the athletic community and the athlete in all of us.

So what are you waiting for?


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One thought on “Rootlent: Supporting Aspiring Athletes & The Athlete In All Of Us

  1. Leo Mesquita says:

    Amanda, thank you for sharing this great blog about Rootlent and its mission. We hope many more people take advantage of your great work, attention to detail, and responsiveness!

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