My name is Amanda Rush and I’m a freelance writer, blogger, and content specialist.

I am a recent graduate with a Bachelor of the Arts in English with a minor in Marketing Management. I have experience writing content for websites, copy for print and digital ad campaigns, press releases, and am a featured blogger on techi.com. I have experience with journalism as well as over 7 years of experience as an editor. Most importantly, I am a dedicated, young, experienced writer and can fulfill your content creation needs. View my resume here.

Raised on Long Island, I have always been passionate about writing. Since I am an aspiring novelist, this website will also serve as a personal blog about writing and personal projects I am working on. Follow me as I work towards my dream of becoming an author and novelist.

While writing is my biggest passion, I also work with graphic design, video, and am a social media enthusiast. Visit my visual portfolio here.